27 - Nisan - 2012, Cuma

The New EBC Series Battery Chargers are Released

For many years ENKO Electronics has been providing highly reliable Battery Chargers for the Gen-Set industry. Now, we have taken our proven design to the next step and introduced the EBC Series Battery Chargers. The new series provide a wide input range (from 150Vac to 300Vac) which makes it perfect for systems where the power supply is not stable.

Another feature the EBC Series provides is Reverse Polarity Protection where an internal fuse protects the system against connections with reverse polarities. Up-on request the EBC's can be used as a power supply or can be connected in series and parallels to achieve higher Ampers or Voltages. The EBC family Batttery Chargers come in 5A and 10A in the 12V range, while in the 24V range they come in 5A, 10A, 20A and 40A (3 phase). For more information on our EBC Series Battery Chargers please visit our Products page or click here.

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