MSU 3.4L
Manual Start Units - MSU Series

Versatile generator control with intelligent Load management and Real-Time clock

MSU 3.4L is designed for single Generator applications with Load management. The unit is fitted with LCD graphic display for simple and efficient user interface. User can select his/her own display language.

MSU3.4L is a full Automatic Control Module, intended for controlling single Generator sets, where intelligent load management is required . The controller can be used with single or three phase generator systems. 3 phase generator voltages are measured in true RMS and also 3 phase generator load current is measured. Phase sequence and Reverse Power detection and protection is provided for the Generator. User can program any of the auxiliary i/o ports for custom applications. The menu offer... »

MSU3.4L is a full Automatic Control Module, intended for controlling single Generator sets, where intelligent load management is required . The controller can be used with single or three phase generator systems.

3 phase generator voltages are measured in true RMS and also 3 phase generator load current is measured. Phase sequence and Reverse Power detection and protection is provided for the Generator.

User can program any of the auxiliary i/o ports for custom applications. The menu offers extensive control for each i/o and all the parameters can be configured via PC, using the ENKO PRO-Link configuration program. All the parameters can also be configured from the front panel controls. SMS messages can be sent, using optional GSM interface module. The unit can be programmed from remote distance.

Built-in graphical display offers easy reading of all the parameters during run time and programming. There are 3 analog sensor inputs available and characteristics can be configured from the menu to adapt any type of sensor. There are altogether 13 i/o ports available, among which many can be configured by the user.

Load power is also measured and can be used with dedicated functions in the menu. Decisions can be made depending on active and/or reactive load power value. Total accumulated active/reactive power is also measured and recorded.

The real-time clock allows weekly and/or monthly generator control programs to be made, which can manage periodic test run and /or disabling the generator at certain hours or on specific days.

Magnetic pick-up input is available for reliable and accurate measurement and control of engine speed.


  • Graphical LCD display with white backlight (128x64 resolution)
  • Alarm indication on graphical LCD display
  • Full control and protection of diesel engine and alternator
  • 8 digital input ports (all configurable)
  • 3 analog input ports
  • 7 digital output ports (5 configurable, all outputs dry contact relay)
  • Automatic, Test and Manual operation modes
  • 3 phase Generator voltage and current sensing
  • Automatic or manual control of the GCB relay
  • Measurement of KW, KVA, KVAr, KWh and Power Factor
  • TrueRMS measurements ensure best accuracy
  • Engine pre-heat function
  • RS232/485 ModBUS RTU protocol can be used for remote monitoring and programming
  • SMS messaging function (GSM modem required)
  • Manual and remote start
  • Full digital calibration on all analog measuring inputs
  • PC interface for monitoring and system programing, SCADA control
  • Magnetic pick-up for RPM measurement
  • Characteristic adaptation table for temperature and pressure sensors
  • Remote start and stop interface
  • 4 configurable engine running and maintenance timers
  • Real-time clock
  • Date and time stamped event log (Last 30 events)
  • Date and time stamped alarm log (Last 15 alarms)
  • AT+T compatible modem interface
  • 2 TTL communication ports
  • Remote monitoring function
  • Phase sequence detection
  • Reverse power protection
  • Programmable weekly / monthly run schedule
  • Multiple display languages
  • Dedicated contactor open and close buttons for the GCB
  • Wide operating temperature range (-25C to +70C)
  • IP 52 front panel protection
  • Customizable monitoring screens 
  • 3 level password protection and user types ensure the user and the technical expert access the appropriate parameters
  • Easily receive information regarding the status of the Generator and view/edit parameters by sending receiving SMS messages
  • Option to configure parameters using the front panel or via licence-free ENKO Pro-Link Configuration Suite PC software
  • Built-in dedicated functions for specific applications like Telecom
  • Internal relay outputs eliminate the need for external relay use
  • High resolution graphical LCD user interface enables simple and user-friendly operation
  • Remote start / stop interface allows the controller to be used from distance
  • The time and date stamped alarm and event logs allow easier and faster troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Program weekly / monthly work schedules to test or simply maintain the Generator
  • Configurable I/O ports provide custom solutions for different applications and can be easly programmed via selecting from hundreds of pre-loaded functions



DC Supply (Power Supply)

  • DC Supply Voltage :
    9 - 35 Vdc
  • Maximum Operating Current :
    For 12V Systems    mA
    For 24V Systems    mA
  • Stand-by Operating Current :
    For 12V Systems     mA
    For 24V Systems     mA
  • Cranking Dropouts :
    Able to withstand dopouts during cranking



  • Digital Display Type :
    128 x 64 White Backlit Graphic LCD
  • Information Shown on Digital Display :
    Generator Voltage and Frequency (Phase-Phase and Phase-Neutral)
    Current, KW, KVA, KVAr, KWh and Power Factor
    RPM, Battery Voltage, Charge Alternator Voltage
    Coolant Temperature, Oil Pressure and Fuel Level
    Engine Running Hours, Maintenance Timers

  • Alarm & Event Log :
    Time Stamped Last 15 Alarms are Logged
    Time Stamped Lats 30 Events are Logged
  • LED Indicators :
    Mimic Diagram
    General Failure and Mode Status Indicators

Generator Voltage / Frequency Measurement

  • Measurement Type and Source :
    True RMS 3 Generator Voltage Inputs
  • Phase-Neutral Voltage Measurement Range :
  • Phase-Phase Voltage Measurement Range :
    20 - 500 Vac
  • Voltage Measurement Accuracy :
    +/- 2% of the Scale
  • Voltaj Measurement Resolution:
    1.0 V
  • Frequency Measurement Range:
  • Frequency Measurement Accuracy :
    +/- 0.1Hz
  • Frequency Measurement Resolution :
    0.1 Hz


Current Measurement


  • Measurement Type : 
    3 Phase True RMS
  • Current Transformer Seconder Ratio :
    The Primer and Seconder Ratios are Parametric
  • Measurement Accuracy :
    +/- 1%
  • Measurement Resolution :
    0.1 A

Digital Inputs

  • Digital Inputs  :
    8 Digital Inputs
  • Configurable Inputs :
    8 Configurable Inputs
  • Operation Type :
    The Desired Polarite can be Selected Depending on the Common Terminal
    The Common 1 is for Aux. Input 1, 2, 3 and 4
    The Common 8 is for Aux. Input 5, 6, 7 and 8

Analog Inputs


  • Analog Oil Pressure Measurement Type :
  • Analog Oil Pressure Measurement Accuracy :
    +/- 1%
  • Analog Oil Pressure Measurement Resolution :
    0.1 Bar
  • Analog Coolant Temperature Measurement Type :
  • Analog Coolant Temperature Measurement Accuracy :
    +/- 1%
  • Analog Coolant Temperature Measurement Resolution :
    0.1 ºC
  • Analog Fuel Level Measurement Type :

  • Analog Fuel Level Measurement Accuracy :
    +/- 1%

  • Analog Fuel Level Measurement Resolution :
Charge Failure Input


  • Voltaj Range :
    0 - 35 V
  • Excitation Current :
    For 12V Systems 120mA
    For 24V Systems 200mA
  • Measurement Accuracy : 
    +/- 1%
  • Measurement Resolution :

Magnetic Pick-up Input (MPU, RPM)


  • Measurement Accuracy :
    +/- 5 RPM
  • Measurement Resolution :
    1 RPM


  • Generator Contactor :
    1 Output 10A 250Vac Relay
  • Crank and Fuel :
    2 Outputs 16A 250Vac Relay
  • Configurable Aux. Outputs :
    5 Outputs 6A 250Vac Relay



  • Communication Ports :
    2 Port for TTL Communication
  • GSM/GPRS Support :
    Yes (Requires External Modem)
  • PC Connectivity : 
    Yes (Requires External Cable)
  • ModBUS RTU Support :
    Units Such as PC, PLC and Other Smart Units are Supported Through ModBUS RTU with Accessories.
  • Prolink SCADA Support :


Real-time Clock

  • Real-time Clock :

  • Internal Battery Support :

Environmental Conditions


  • Operating Temperature and Humidity Range :
    -25ºC to +70ºC
    20%rH to 99%rH, Non-condensing
  • Storage Temperature and Humidity Range :

  • ESD Protection :

  • EMC Conformance :

  • EMI Conformance :

  • Vibration :

  • Protection Class :
    IP 52 Front Panel Protection


Mechanical Specifications


  • Dimensions 
    180 mm x 130 mm x 55 mm
  • Panel Cut-out :
    164 mm x 116 mm
  • Weight : 
    650 gr (Average)
  • Mounting Type :
    Panel Mount with Metal Screw Fixings
    Maximum Panel Thickness 3mm
There is no software added yet.
  • What are the requirements for configuring the AMF/MSU series controllers via ENKO PC Configuration Suite?

    In order to connect an AMF/MSU controller to the PC, a TTL/USB convertor cable which can be ordered from ENKO is required. Besides the convertor cable the Configuration Suite will require Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or better to be installed first. This is a licence free software and can easily be installed from website or can be installed from the ENKO PC Configuration Suite (Just click yes when prompted during installation).

    The ENKO PC Configuration Suite can be downloaded from our website. Just visit the Software tab on the related product page.

    Models currently supported by the PC Configuration Suite are AMF 3.1, AMF 3.2, AMF 3.4, AMF 3.4L, AMF 5.1, AMF 5.2, MSU 3.1, MSU 3.4L, MSU 5.1 and MSU 5.2.

  • The MCB and GCB buttons on the panel are not functioning. Why?

    The MCB and GCB control is provided on the front panel. These buttons are designed in two different ways. In the AMF 3.4L, AMF 5.1, AMF 5.2, MSU 3.4L, MSU 5.1 and MSU 5.2 models, there are dedicated contactor open and contactor close buttons for the MCB and/or GCB. On the other hand the AMF 3.1, AMF 3.2, AMF 3.4, AMF 4.2, AMF 5.1, MSU 3.1, MSU 3.2, MSU 3.4, MSU 4.2 and MSU 5.1 models these buttons are designed as toggle buttons. 

    The MCB and GCB control buttons will NOT function in AUTO mode. This mode is where the AMF/MSU panel has the control of the contactors and therefore the MCB/GCB buttons are disabled. In order to take control of the MCB and GCB contactors the user must take the AMF/MSU panel into MAN or TEST mode. The contactor buttons will function only in these modes. 

    Another reason why the buttons may not be functioning is the connection mistakes. Please check and make sure the contactors have been connected to the corresponding terminals on the AMF/MSU panel. In order to obtain the connection diagram, please check the Documents tab in the related product page or check the User Manual.