Automatic Voltage Regulators

AVR10 and AVR15 are designed as “Automatic Voltage Regulators” for synchronous alternator applications to regulate the stator voltage of the alternator, according to applied load.

DAVR-100 is designed for high-performance applications, fulfilling a wide range of requirements for both stand-alone applications as well as parallel running generator groups for high-power generation.

DAVR-90 is a “microcontroller based, state-of-the-art design, specifically engineered for high-performance demanding applications for large capacity generator systems. This AVR is designed with complex applications in mind and gives extensive freedom to the OEM to fulfil customer requirements by configuring the AVR parameters, using PC Tools SW package.

DAVR-40 is a “microcontroller integrated voltage regulator unit”, designed for high performance, with generators operating into dynamically complex loads. This AVR model offers high-performance operation with relatively low cost, by utilising an SCR controlled power stage for excitation of the alternator. It can deliver continuous 5.0Adc excitation power into the FIELD winding and can handle 130% overload for a minimum duration of 120 seconds.