Automatic Transfer Switch Units - ATS Series

ATS-S “Automatic Transfer Switch” control panel is designed to connect any LOAD between two independent AC supply sources. The unit monitors 3-phase voltage and frequency from the two incoming independent AC supply sources and can switch the load, depending on which AC source is available.

Simultaneous monitoring of Mains and Generator Bus-bars

ATS 1.1 is a dedicated Load Transfer Control switch which allows independent control of Load and Generator, feeding the Load from either Mains or Generator bus-bars, whichever is available, with Mains bus-bar priority.

ATS 2.0 is a very versatile Load transfer switch, intended to be used in most demanding applications. Can control pulse type breakers directly from its output ports.

Built-in features make ATS 2.0 a perfect device for bus-bar control and Load management, integrated with enhanced user selectable functions.