About Us

ENKO Project and Automation Team

ENKO has a well experienced Power Systems Automation and Control team of engineers in order to help our customers to integrate power systems switchboard and control system projects in their applications.

Our team helps in partial or can design the full power automation projects for our customers, where synchronization of two or more diesel electric gen-sets are involved, including one or more mains transformer lines. We have developed approved software and hardware for power and load management systems applications.

Our design packages can handle up to 16 gen-sets, 16 mains transformers in LV or MV applications and we offer SCADA solutions based on CITECT application platform. Load management, load shedding and synchronization with mains (import/export), soft transfer of load and dedicated scenarios for emergency conditions can all be handled in our systems design.

Our production department can also manufacture the switchboards if the customers require so. We can transport these switchboards to anywhere in the world with approved test certificates. Our engineers can also help on customer’s site for commissioning of the hardware and full training of customer’s technical team.