Air Compressor Control Units - CCS Series

Advanced Controller for Air Compressor Applications...



  • 2.8” TFT LCD for Advanced Information Display
  • Built-in Inverter Drive Functions
    Mitsubishi FR-F and FR-E, ABB ASC550 and ASC800, Danfoss Fc102F, Yaskawa A1000
  • Built-in Multi Compressor Function
  • Trend Analysis Features for Past 10 Days
  • Real Time Clock
  • Pressure Calendar
  • Email Notification for Maintenance and Alarms
  • Current Failure Monitoring for Motor and Fan
  • Phase Sequence, Frequency and Voltage Protection
  • 100 Alarm Log with Date and Time Stamp
  • Editable Third Language Options
  • Second Temperature Protection Functions
  • Air Dryer Functions
  • Smart Functions with Pressure Drop Prevention and Oil Freeze Prevention
  • Preheat Functions
  • 3 Level Password Protection
  • Dynamic Password Protection Technology
  • Temperature Dependent Fan Control
  • Parameter Back-Up Functions
  • 6 Maintenance Timers
  • Remote Start Function
  • Editable Third Language Options

Power Supply


  • Power Supply Voltage:10 - 28 Vac   17 - 40 Vdc
  • Maximum Energy Consumption: 20W 



  • Digital Display Type: 2.8" TFT LCD
  • Digital Information:

    - Supply and Screw Pressure Bar/psi

    - Screw and Second Temperature ºC/ºF

    - Operation Status

    - Engine Information from Inverter (Current, Speed, Voltage and Power)

    - Time and Clock

    - Ethernet Communication Information

    - Last 25 Alarm and Event Logs (with Date and Time Stamp)

    - Maintenance Timers

    - Total Motor Runing Time

    - Total Onload Time

    - Input/Output Status Display


Digital Inputs


  • 7 Adjustable Inputs

    Input Type : Optical
    Low level threshold: 2.1Vdc Min.
    Max Input Voltage : +50Vdc
    Contact wetting current: 2 mA at +12 Vdc

Analogue Inputs 


  • 2 Temperature Inputs  

    Input Type : NTC R25=10K, KTY R25=1K, KTY R25=2K, PT1000, 
  • 2 Pressure Inputs (4-20mA)

    Input Type :4-20mA Differential,
    Input Resist : 120 Ohm
    Max. Pressure Scale: 99 Bar
  • 3 Phase Main Voltage Inputs
  • 2 Phase Current Inputs



  • 8 pcs 5A Relay (Resist at 35Vdc or 250 Vac)

  • 1 pcs Analog Output (selectable 0-20mA, 4-20mA or 0-10)
    Max.Load Resistance: 550 Ohm.


  • Communication:

    2 pcs RS485 (Modbus Server or Inverter Drive)

    1 pcs CANBUS 

    1 pcs Ethernet (IEEE 802.3t 
  • GSM/GPRS :
    Not supported in this product
  • Configuration Support from PC :
    All settings can be changed from the computer withthe free configuration program.  
  • Modbus RTU Support

Real Time Clock

  • Available

Environmental Condition

  • Operating Temperature :-10ºC ile +60ºC  (operating)        IEC60068-2-1

    Storage Temperature :-25ºC ile +85ºC  (storage)            IEC60068-2-2

    Humidity: 97% RH IEC60068-2-30 
  • EMC:     EN 61000-6-½/3/4   IEC60255-26 


  • Safety: Installation CATIII 300V, Pollution degree 2   EN61010-1 

  • Vibration:

-13.2Hz 2mm (peak to peak)                     IEC60068-2-6

13.2-100Hz  0.7g

10-58.1Hz 0.15mm (peak to peak)          IEC60255-21-1 Response (Class2)

58.1-150Hz  1g

10-150Hz 2g                                                  IEC60255-21-1 Endurance (Class2)

3-8.15Hz 15mm (peak to peak)                IEC60255-21-3 Seismic (Class2)

8.15-35Hz  2g 

  • Shock:

10g, 11msec half sine                   IEC60255-21-1 Response (Class2)

30g, 11msec half sine                   IEC60255-21-1 Endurance (Class2)

50g, 11msec half sine                   IEC60068-2-27

Tested with 3 impacts in each direction in all 3 axes. Total of 18 impacts. 

  • Protection Class:

    Unit:  IP20

    Front: IP54     IEC/EN 60529 


Mechanical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 204 mm x 157 mm x 58 mm
  • Panel Cut-out: 180 mm x 133 mm
  • Weight : 550 gr (Average)
  • Mounting Type: Panel Mount with screw fixings
    Maximum Panel Thickness 2mm
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