Battery Charger Units – BC-S Series

“BC Series” Battery Chargers are specially designed for Genset applications to charge all types of “starter” batteries with optimum performance, keeping the battery at its maximum capacity and ready for maximum power delivery whenever required.


• Universal wide range AC input circuit, switched-mode design,

• Input voltage range: 90Vac to 300Vac,

• Input transient protection filter,

• High-efficiency design topology,

• High MTBF life-time design,

• Microcontroller based intelligent design with built-in BMS function,

• Wide operating temperature range: -30°C to +70°C with power de-rating above 60°C,

• USB program port for device configuration, using license-free PC-Tools software package,

• 12V/5A, 24V/5A, 12V/10A and 24V/10A models available in three different models,

• Very low DC output ripple allows these units to be used as DC power supplies in the control panel,

• Alarm relay contact output for connection to peripheral protection devices,

• Three-stage or four-stage battery charging patterns,

• Possibility to connect multiple chargers in parallel mode to get higher power charge capacity and/or predicted redundancy,

• Compliance with CE and UL safety regulations,

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