March - 12 - 2012, Monday

The New Automatic Transfer Switch Controller ATS2.0 has been Released

Our next generation ATS controllers, the ATS2.0 has been released. The new ATS can transfer the load with any 2 bus-bars; Mains-Mains, Generator-Generator, Generator-Mains. In the case where there is a Gen-Set in the system, the ATS provides test functions like Test On-load and Test Off-load.

The unit measures 3 phases on both bus-bars and the transfer conditions can be programmed for each phase sepertely. If the system only requires one phase, the ATS can be programmed so that the Generator is not started until all 3 phases are out. All the parameters can be programmed from the front pane. The MCB and GCB can be controlled manually and the unit can control pulse type breaker modules directly from its outputs. For more information on our ATS controllers, please visit our Products page or click here.

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