November - 14 - 2011, Monday

The Flexible and Intelligent Gen-set Controllers 3 Series has been Released Featuring 6 Models

ENKO has released a brand new Gen-set controller family which features a total of 6 different models. The 3 series include both Manual Start Units (no Mains) and Automatic Mains Failure Units (with Mains). A wide range of applications are suitable for the units; the family ranges from simple LED models with wide operating temperature to backlit LCD models with high processing power and intelligent system management. 

All the units can be programmed either from the front panel or by using the ENKO PC Configuration Suite via PC. Real-time clock allows the user to program weekly / monthly running schedules. This feature is especially useful for Gen-sets installed in residential neighborhoods where the user may not want the Generator to start during certain hours (night time or daytime during work). For more information on the 3 Series Gen-set controllers please visit our Products page or click here.

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