November - 23 - 2011, Wednesday

Powerful Single Instrument Control of Gen-Set Systems - The 5 Series Gen-Set Controllers

ENKO Electronics has released their most advanced Gen-Set Controller, the 5 Series which features a total of 4 models both Automatic Mains Failure Units (with Mains) and Manual Start Units (no Mains). The 5 series is designed with enhanced applications in mind and equipped with all the necessary hardware and software to fulfill this demand. 

The units feature CanBUS communication ports for Engine Control Unit (ECU) support. The use of ECU eliminates a large amount of wiring required for the system. Both LED and LCD versions are available throughout the family and the LED version provides a wide operating temperature range and analog bar graphs for displaying the Oil Pressure, Coolant Temp. and Fuel Level. The 5 series also measure the Earth Current so the Earth Leakage can be shown. For more information on the 5 Series please visit our Products page or click here.

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